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What the Zuck!
Evangelizing About the Erosion of Privacy

What the Zuck!
Evangelizing About the Erosion of Privacy

EULA Surprises

Do you read Privacy Policies?

Here is a sampling of some fine print in privacy disclosures and policies. Do you really know what you're giving up?

Periscope Privacy Policies


Even with your location off, we can track you anyway and will do so at our leisure, once we get around to it and solve our other bugs.


What the zuck! Your email addresses and phone numbers can be hacked but that's ok. We revealed it in our Privacy Policy so we're not responsible.

iOS Privacy Policy

Location-Based Services
To provide location-based services on Apple products, Apple and our partners and licensees may collect, use, and share precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device. Where available, location-based services may use GPS, Bluetooth, and your IP Address, along with crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower locations, and other technologies to determine your devices’ approximate location. Unless you provide consent, this location data is collected anonymously in a form that does not personally identify you and is used by Apple and our partners and licensees to provide and improve location-based products and services. For example, your device may share its geographic location with application providers when you opt in to their location services.
Some location-based services offered by Apple, such as the “Find My iPhone” feature, require your personal information for the feature to work. You may withdraw consent to Apple and its partners’ and licensees’ collection, use, transmission, processing and maintenance of location and account data at any time by not using the location-based features and turning off the Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, or Location Services settings (as applicable) on your device and computer.


We are spying on you using our Crowd-sourced WIFI (i.e. Mac Address Wifi Triangulation) so we can find you within six zucking feet. Of course we are admitting to this after we bought the company WifiSlam so you don't go blame us later.

We do care to protect your privacy so we don't want the FBI to have access to your phones. We want to be the only one with your data.

Fandango /NBC Universal Privacy Policy

From third parties: we may obtain information about you from third parties outside of the Online Servicesthis Privacy Policy will not apply to that information. When you sign-on to the Online Services or otherwise interact with social networks or if you interact with us through a social media function such as a plug-in (for example, a Facebook "like" button) then you may be permitting us to have on-going access to some information from your social network profile (such as your name, email address, your friend list, photo, age, gender, location, birthday, social networking ID, current city, the people/sites you follow, and so forth). We may also obtain information about you from a third party data aggregator, cookie technology operator, advertising network, or another type of data company.


We are envious that Zuckbook has all your private information. But we found a trick. If you click on us on Zuckbook, we can read all your information and store it for ourselves! Yay! What a cool way to expand our database on your profile and you are not inconvenienced from reposting it anywhere.

CNN Privacy Policy

Information from Social Networks and Platforms You also can engage with our content, such as video, games, applications, and other offerings, on or through third-party platforms and social networking sites, such as Facebook, or other third-party social media plug-ins and applications. When you engage with our content on or through third party social networking sites, plug-ins or applications, you may allow us to have access to certain personally identifiable information and Non-Personally Identifiable Information from your social media profile (e.g., name, e-mail address, photo, gender, birthday, location, user files like photos and videos, your list of friends, people you follow and/or who follow you, the posts or the 'likes' you make, etc.) to deliver the content or as part of the operation of the Site. We may also obtain Non-Personally Identifiable Information (e.g., content viewed, game performance, high scores, and information about advertisements within the content you have been shown or may have clicked on through third-party platforms) from your interaction with our content. Through some social networking sites' privacy settings, you can control what information you share. For a description on how social networking sites handle your information, please refer to their privacy policies and terms of use.


We really like what NBC Universal did above and we also want to get into the action of creating duplicate records of your data. This is a fantastic way of expanding the reach of your private data!

Facebook Privacy Policy

Facebook Terms and Conditions
Facebook can KEEP your data

Snapchat doesn't disappear!

Snapchat Terms of Use